Dreaming of farm-fresh eggs every morning?

Are you interested in keeping chickens, but worried about not only keeping them alive but making sure they are healthy and thriving?

I have the solution!

The Complete Guide to Keeping Chickens will teach you what features your coop needs to keep your chickens safe from predators, what to feed them so they thrive, basic healthcare and disease prevention, and so much more.

The animals that we bring onto our farm become part of our family.

But caring for chickens is different than your cat or your dog. There are tricks you need to know when it comes to keeping your flock safe and protected.

All the risks with predators and disease are real but preventable if you have the right information! 

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Vital Information.

“As a brand-new chicken owner, I really appreciated Alli’s course, drawn from lots of experience and thorough studies. The information she provides is thorough and detailed yet very easy to understand. I learned vital information that I hadn’t come across in the many Pinterest posts I scoured. I now feel confident and excited moving forward with my chickens!”

- Katie A.

I promise I'll answer every question you have.

Keeping chickens is one of the things I love most about our hobby farm. But you don’t need a farm to have chickens!

So many people in so many different situations can successfully keep chickens, all the basics are the same.

In the years since I have started keeping chickens, I have noticed a lack of information on the subject. There are bits and pieces here or there, in a blog post or on a forum, but they all lack a sense of legitimacy and consistency.

I decided to create this course after reading and answering the same questions over and over each year.

From keeping laying hens...

I know why you're really here! You want the farm-fresh eggs every morning. I don't blame you! I love my hens and the beautiful eggs they produce.

I'll teach you how to keep them healthy, what breeds are best, and how to get a rainbow of eggs in your own nesting boxes.

and nutrition...

It can be confusing to know what feed your chickens need. I'll teach you everything you need to know about your chicken's nutrition needs and what feed ingredients matter!

Ensure your chickens have what they need to lay nutritious eggs every day.

to everything else.

In addition to the questions you have about raising chicks and keeping laying hens, I'll walk you through everything else you need to know.

This includes coop design, nutrition, and even healthcare and disease prevention.

Things I didn't know I needed to know.

"A fantastic introduction to chicken keeping. This course answered many questions." - Mitchell H.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course teach me about raising chicks? Yes! You will have the option to purchase my chick course for 100% off after you checkout. That way you can get the full spectrum of education!

Will this course teach me how to medically treat chickens? No. This course does not contain veterinary advice. I always recommend working with a veterinarian for existing medical issues!

Will this course tell me how to keep my chickens safe from predators? Yes! I will go over ways to keep your chickens safe with different housing methods.

Are homeopathic treatment options covered in this course? I touch briefly on natural remedies for preventing disease but not for treating any ailments.

Hey! I'm Alli.

Welcome to Longbourn Farm! I have always had a passion for animals and agriculture. I am so excited to share that with you in this course! I started keeping chickens when we bought our first farm property and have loved it ever since.

My formal education is in agriculture and all of this information is pulled from textbooks, extension articles, and my own experience. Thank you for trusting me to help you along on your chicken keeping journey!

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